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Workflow module

Our management software features a powerful workflow module that enables you to automate various processes in line with your company’s business rules.

Ticket Console

Management software

The Support Ticket Console is designed to be the starting point for Managing Tickets assigned to a specific area or agent. It allows for the execution of actions on multiple tickets simultaneously. Monitor service level agreements using traffic light indicators.

No more expired tickets!



All your data on a single platform

Designed to offer a summary view of personal operational information at the moment, showing the most relevant ticket data to act immediately.

Registration of Activities and Tasks

The services you manage may require multiple resources or collaborators for their attention and resolution. There is no need to open multiple tickets for each task, authorization, validation, and compliance.

Manage specific support between service areas to resolve related tickets.


Handle and resolve tickets
from your phone!

Attend and Lift tickets from your cell phone!

Maintain effective business management

Openser Management Software customizes functionalities according to your company's needs.

Assignment to 2nd Level Areas

Openser features automatic ticket allocation based on business rules, streamlining the registration process and minimizing errors.

Notifications and Escalations

Openser has the capability to implement complex notification and escalation rules to ensure that the responsible individuals are promptly informed about the service.

Agent Evaluation

Openser offers the flexibility to designate certain responses as critical, allowing for individual agent ratings.


A powerful module to create customized reports based on specific needs, allowing users to configure desired fields and filters to extract relevant information from tickets.

Work Hours by Agent

Complex operations typically require the involvement of multiple groups of agents to provide services.

Satisfaction surveys

The most crucial metric for a service is user satisfaction. This measurement enables us to assess if we are delivering a service in the manner and quality that users anticipate.

Traffic Lights (SLA's)

Control resolution times by visually monitoring agreements between service areas and the customer using traffic lights to help ensure compliance.

SLA's de Software de Gestión

Knowledge Base

Openser has a powerful knowledge base module featuring articles on known errors. These articles are suggested by the tool during service registration, benefiting both the Service Desk and the end user.


Knowledge Base

Openser has a powerful knowledge base module around articles of known errors that will appear suggested by the tool when registering a service, both for the Service Desk and for the end user.


Openser can integrate with Active Directory, Google, and Twitter APIs to authenticate access for its users.


What tasks can you perform with
the Openser Management Software ?

The possibilities are endless

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OpenSer is a service management software developed by OpenService, ideal for all types of companies.


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