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Effortlessly streamline your processes with our cutting-edge Ticketing System Software. Elevate your customer support, track issues seamlessly, and manage tasks with ease for unbeatable productivity. Experience the power of our advanced Ticketing System Software today and see the difference in your operations!

Openser Features


Get an instant overview of your operations with our intuitive dashboard. View the most relevant ticket data at a glance and take immediate action for improved efficiency.

IT Service Management

Openser's Ticketing System streamlines decision-making by offering a variety of options to access vital operating statistics, empowering you with the insights you need.

Notifications and Escalations

Notifications and Escalations With Openser, you can set up accurate notification and escalation rules to ensure service managers receive the alerts they need, exactly when they need them.

SLA traffic lights

Keep your resolution times on track with our visual SLA traffic lights. Monitor agreements between service departments and customers at a glance, and proactively prevent SLA breaches.


Our Management Software features a robust Workflow Module that automates processes according to your company's unique business rules, enhancing efficiency and consistency.

2nd level assignment

With Openser, tickets are automatically assigned according to your business rules, speeding up registration and eliminating errors. Experience faster and more accurate ticket handling today!

Ticketing System Openser

Openser is a leading Ticketing System Software designed for efficient IT service management and support. Adhering to ITIL best practices, Openser’s robust functionalities ensure optimal performance in handling customer and user support. With Openser, you can streamline resolution times for various support or service requests, enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction. Try Openser today and transform your IT service management!


At Openser, we have over 28 years of experience.

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