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Ticket Console

The ticket console is thought to be the starting point for the attention and follow up of tickets assigned to an area or particular specialist and it allows to execute actions to several tickets at once as well as monitor the SLA performance through easy to identify and customizable semaphores. No more breached SLAs!


Our platform includes a powerful workflow module which aims to automate different processes based on the rules that your organization requires.



Designed to offer a current snapshot of the day to day operations, offering the most important information to act immediately if needed.


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Activity and Task logging

Manage specific cross department support activities aimed to solve a ticket. Better collaboration than ever!

Second Level Support ticket escalation

OpenSer offers automatic ticket assignation based in previously configured rules, speeding up the service and avoiding mistakes.

Semaphores (SLA’s visual indicator)

Manage resolution times, making sure that the agreements between users and support departments are being reached through visual and customizable semaphores.


Work hours per department

Configure particular work hours for each department and measure them accordingly, enable better decision making.


Notifications and escalations

OpenSer can support complex rules to notify and escalate about service’s status and SLA breaches to different people and roles, enabling the support organization to act quickly.



Openser offers a powerful module to generate personalized reports based on the operational needs. Design your report, save it and pull it any time you need


Customer satisfaction surveys

The most important metric in a service is the user satisfaction. This measurement let us know if you are providing a service that fulfills the customer’s expectation.


Agent Evaluation

Surveys can be configured in order to identify which ones of the answers should be consider positive in order to offer a satisfaction score per agent, enabling the identification of improvement opportunities as well as opportunities to reward your best agents


Knowledge Base

OpenSer offers a powerful knowledge base that allows process and proceadure documentation to be used during service provisioning.



OpenSer can be integrated with Active Directory as well as Google’s and Twitter’s API for user autenthication.


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