Power BI integration with Openser

Power BI is an executive business intelligence module that contains the most representative measurements of service management, such as service levels (SLAs) on response times and resolution on different priorities, metrics by different support groups or compared departments versus the time dimension for decision making and continuous improvement of operations on the service provided.

Power BI
Unificación de Power BI


Unify data from multiple sources to create interactive, wrap-around dashboards that provide actionable insights and improve business results.

Ticketing System

View in a general and extended way the set of Tickets created, in order to obtain reports to guarantee compliance and attention to the services requested.

Ticketing en Power BI
Integración de Power BI

Complete information

Get complete information on the performance of different care groups in one view.


Control resolution times, monitoring the agreements between the service areas and the client, visually through the SLA’s Directives.

Control de tiempos con Power BI
Localización con Power BI


Geographically locate the source of care requests, and understand the customer’s needs in more detail.


Analyze the total count of Tickets by categories in Power BI, thus understanding the nature of the most common requirements and make the corresponding adjustments to the operation.

Find and share conclusions

Power BI / Openser shows significant conclusions with the different types of data visualization, integrated artificial intelligence functionalities, seamless integration of Excel, among others.

Reduce added cost

The complexity and security risks of various solutions with one analytics platform that scales from individuals to the organization as a whole.

Get an enterprise-scale self-service analysis

Openser con Power BI


OpenSer is a service management software developed by OpenService, ideal for all types of companies.


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