Software para Gestión de Servicios

Openser is ideal for Process Management


Manage the processes of your projects, tasks, clients, authorizations to take control based on priorities.

Administración de Procesos de Consultoría
Administración de Procesos de Educación


Give your academic staff and the alumado channels to attend your services


Order and coordinate integration between departments. Improve communication by automating processes and recording tasks for cost reduction.

Administración de Procesos de Logística
Administración de Procesos de Seguros


This sector of claims management requires guarantees in the fulfillment of processes and that these are auditable, Opensere through workflows offers to guarantee these standards.


With Openser you can manage the tasks, authorizations, requests of your external staff and your guests


Manages the maintenance team. Process administration through requests to the departments of administration, plumbing, electricity, etc.


Openser designed for the best recognized ITSM best practices in the world: ITIL.

value customers users viewer

More productive and committed collaborators thanks to the positive experience of receiving quality service from the HR department.


Secure your point of sale and counter services through a record of incidents and requests


With the Software Openser, making decisions is easier since it offers numerous options to obtain operation statistics.

What do customers think about Openser?

"Openser has been our ITSM tool for more than 15 years to ensure care and service in different areas of the business."
Ing. José Luis Morán
TI Qualtia
"Openser has strengthened our service structures, focusing efforts and maintaining SLAs at a high level, with end users, improving areas and making IT a business facilitator."
Ing. Roberto Carlos Martínez
TI Corporativo

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