Improve Administration of Services

Openser Mobile is an application that collects all your requests for requests from various channels and manages them from one place.

Openser is an omnichannel ticket system that will help you Service Administration with its shared inbox for all your clients' queries.

Sistema de Administración de Servicios
Dashboard de Administración de Servicios


All your data on a single platform

Designed to offer a summary view of personal operational information at the moment, showing the most relevant ticket data to act immediately.

Tickets Console

Incident Management

The ticket console for service administration is designed to be the starting point for dealing with tickets assigned to a particular area or agent, it executes actions available to more than one ticket at the same time. Monitor service level agreements through your traffic lights – no more expired tickets!

Consola de Tickets para Administración de Servicios
Actividades y Tareas para Administración de Servicios

Registration of Activities and Tasks

The services you manage may require more than one resource or collaborators for their attention and solution. It is not necessary to open a series of tickets for each task, authorization, validations and compliance. Manages the specific supports between service areas to solve the related ticket.

More collaboration than ever!


Intended for self-service, for registration and solution of your needs in the service, by selecting categories.

Portal de Administración de Servicios
Service Management Software

Attend and Lift tickets
from your cell phone!

Attend and Lift tickets from your cell phone!


Openser can integrate with Active Directory and Google and Twitter APIs to authenticate access to its users.

Sistema Administración de Servicios

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